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Theatre in Education.

If you are interested in prices or booking one of our events listed here, or would like to know if we could create or develop an idea or project you have in mind
for your group school or event please contact us, and speak to one of our Theatre in Eduction Coordinators who will be happy to answer or discuss any ideas and
prices can vary as the more you book the more of discount you will receive. We offer very competitive rates and are open to negotiations with most of our events.

Below are a list of some of the items we have delivered in the passed to schools and community groups.



Title : Story Book Theatre. Time : 1 hr. Age Range : 3 - 8 or from 8 - 11. CODE : (3 to 8 years ) SBT01 (Age 8 to 11) SBT02

Description: Two Fairytale stories performed and read by a group of performers, who bring to life the written text with our colorful and energetic
story teller and players, as fabulous tails come to life such as Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and the three
 little pigs, and many more. Two stories would be performed and read by our experienced performers and prose readers who using sound effects,
music and costumes will bring the story book to life. To promote reading in the young the two stories that are included in the hour last approx
twenty five minutes each leaving ten minutes in between each story for a short break, for your students / members to have break and for us to
get ready for story two. The story titles are issued in advanced so you can work the stories into your lesson plans or talking point prior to the
 story book theatre. This one has proved very popular as it has interaction and repetition a lot of the time.


Title : The Spectaculars. Time : 1 hr. Age Range : 5 - 8 or from 8 - 11. CODE : (3 to 8 years ) TS01 (Age 8 to 11) TS02

Description: Everyone knows the emphasis and importance of not only healthy eating, balanced diet, but how it can affect your
lifestyle, the Spectaculars are a great way to entertain, engage and educate young people in healthy eating by entertaining and
engaging them, with our interactive theatre in education performance “The spectaculars! “

The Spectaculars! Superheroes of our time, saving the world from our foes! But Super Suzie, likes her burgers and fries and her
cakes and creams – foods that makes poor Super Suzie unable to fly, and save the world from the likes of Stuart McFattyFoods
Temptation. So step in Dr. FeelGood Harrogat Smith to help Super Suzie get back on track with his healthy eating tips and healthy
lifestyle advice! This performance incorporates fun, laughter, and cartoon style theatre, as “The Spectators!”, will engage and
 inform youngsters about healthy eating, facts and figures, in a way that they will have them talking about for months after and
 more importantly educate them to eat, healthy and run a healthy lifestyle.

Title : Gross History. Time : 1 hr. Age Range : 3 - 8 or from 8 - 11. CODE : (3 to 8 years ) GH01 (Age 8 to 11) GH02

Description: . Gross Histories, is a fantastic interactive way to keep young people entertained and engaged in a colourful, lively,
comedic and of course gross piece of interactive theatre; that will teach them all about our wonderful history, in its full gross
colours - that they will never forget. Using facts and figures from our gross history, such as the Egyptian Mummification to the
spread of the plaque, with all the gross bits left in. The perfect way to bring History to life, in away children with understand,
engage and love, as they watch the horrors unfolded live before they’re very eyes! From Victorians, Egyptians, Georgians, you
name it we’ll perform it, with all the grossness left in! We can incorporate whatever History subjects you are studying, and
perform our interactive Gross History Theatre.

Title : Shakespeare. Time : 2 hr. Age Range : 11-14 or from 14-18. CODE : (11-14 years ) WS01 (Age14-18) WS02

Description: Twelfth Night, Richard III and many more, Shakespeare brought to life with modern interpretation to allow students
to understand better the works of the bard, in our cut down and modern, energetic, performances of Shakespeare’s work and a
 chance to talk to the actors about the text, the interpretation, characters and sub context. This one can be adapted and custom
made to suit your specification, from anything from hot seating to just the performance, it depends on you and what you require.