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Mainstream Contract


Please find below a copy of the contract signed by all students and parents for our Mstream Productions.


One Term Contract.

Please read all the information stated in this contract before signing this document,

as this is a legally binding agreement between the person responsible for signing this document and YETGA Theatre School


YETGA ￿refers to the Youth Essential Theatre Group Association (YETGA)Theatre School

'The Student' refers to the named student above.


Section 1 : Your Financial Responsibility.

1.  Each student is required to pay ₤35.00 administration fee, at the start of every term. This is to cover any administration costs that occur when enrolling a student with us.

  • 2. Each student (Siblings will only be responsible for one amount.) is required to pay a fee of ₤32.00. This amount must be paid by 3 months (12 Weeks) from contract commence date above, (this may vary depending on whether the student started after our term start date. If the student does start after our
    official term start date, then a new deadline date will be identified to you.  This will cover you for 4
    tickets, that can be flexibly booked for any night of the performance.
    Additional tickets can be brought closer to the show date.
  • 3. Each student is required to pay for a full term of approximately 」130.00  this is offered to you as credit. Re-payments for this amount can be broken down to ₤5.00 each week. (unless paying the amount in advance, for the whole term where a discount may apply, please speak to a member of staff if you wish to take this option.) The duration of the term, is approximately 26 weeks.  Total cost would be  ₤130.00 . You may be entitled to a discount if you pay in one amount or you arrange a standing order with us. 
  • 4. If a script, or other items, have already been issued but are required to be issued again, a small fee may be incurred.
  • 5. All elements in all sections are none refundable.
  • 6. You will be charged for any money that YETGA Theatre School pays out for, that involves the
  • above student/students involvement. If the above student has left before the term ends, this includes the cost of costumes that were brought for said student/students or the printing of, or reprinting of, any posters, leaflets or programs, etc.  
  • 7. The breaking of any part of this contract can result in any unpaid fees or recuperated costs up to  the end of the contract being payable, also, any monies owing for other services / events that YETGA Theatre School provides will be payable, in one amount, as you have taken on a credit for the whole term.  Costs may also be incurred if YETGA Theatre school has to attempt to recover this amount.
  • Section 2 : Rules and regulations for students.
  • 1. A students role will be taken off them, if the student is seen to be breaking the rules, has behavioural
  • problems, or a lack of interest towards their role.
  • 2. At all attendance, unless otherwise stated, students are required to wear their full uniform consisting of our coded complete uniform.
  • 3. ALL students are required to purchase a YETGA t-shirt within 1 month of being a member. A YETGA hoody is optional
  • 4. If any YETGA staff feel that the student can not or should not be entitled to perform (Such as not wearing the correct uniform, or not taking part in warm .) then the student may be refused to continue with the lesson, but they may still, be required to pay for it.
  • 5. If a contract is terminated for any reasons, such as financial problems,  moving away or other genuine reason which will result in the student being unable to fulfill their commitment to the contract, this will be discussed by all parties
  • involved, to arrange a mutual decision.
  • 6. If a student does not contact us, within a two week period, we have the right to withdraw their role, without
  • notification and this may also be treated as a breach of contract.  Please inform us by phone, email or other, if  the above student/ students are not going to be in a session, where possible. 
  • 7. If YETGA should suffer financial problems or other genuine problems which could result in closure, then this contract becomes void.
  • 8. If a student does not pay all outstanding monies owing before a performance evening then YETGA reserves the right to refuse that student to perform.
  • 8. If the student is a new student, YETGA Theatre School will give 2 sessions as a member before this contract becomes valid.  However subscriptions for those 2 sessions will still be charged (If you have paid for the amount in full then we will deduct the 2 sessions from your money, and return the remanding amount to you.  The date that the contract commences will reflect this.  If a student leaves before this contract commences, then this contract and membership is therefore terminated.